Serena Williams Recalls French Open Got 'Upset' Over Her 2018 Black Catsuit
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The highest-earning female athlete of all time opens up about her fashion controversies on the court as she discusses her memorable looks over the years.

AceShowbiz - Serena Williams has revealed the French Open was not too happy over the black catsuit she donned at the tournament back in 2018. The tennis icon alleged that the outfit didn't go down too well with bosses of the major tournament.

In Vogue's "Life in Looks" series, the female athlete, who just announced her intentions to retire from thevracket sport, recalled her fashion controversies on the court. "The French Open was kind of upset about it," she said of the catsuit.

Elsewhere, in the video for the fashion bible, the sporting legend marvelled over her 1992 blue-and-white tennis dress her mother bought her. The purchase was so special to her as her mom, Oracene Price, typically sewed Serena's outfits herself, and she'd love to revisit the look. Serena said, "I should make this look again."

A few years later, Serena and her sister, Venus, appeared in a 1998 issue of Vogue. The siblings wore black-and-white gowns designed by Carolina Herrera and were photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Serena said about the shoot, "We were really young. We still had our beads and we still had our youth."

Another tennis outfit standout was a 2004 US Open look that featured a jean skirt and a calf-high sneaker-boot hybrid. Serena revealed the look was slightly inspired by jean shorts Andre Agassi donned not too long before.

She said, "I remember telling Nike if I'm switching to you guys, from Puma, I want more pizazz. I said, 'I love what Andre Agassi wore when he wore the jean shorts, I want to wear a jean skirt.' "

Serena has also made a name for herself on the red carpet. She famously paraded a 2019 Met Gala outfit that saw her pair Nike x Virgil Abloh tennis shoes with a kaleidoscopic Versace gown. The move came on the back of advice from Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who warned Serena about how much standing co-hosts of the event have to do.

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