Lana Del Rey - 'Ultraviolence'

From Taylor Swift, Lizzo to 28-time Grammy winner Beyonce Knowles, these are musical artists who have been forced to change their song lyrics after earning backlash on the Internet.

AceShowbiz - Lana Del Rey also had her fair share of facing criticism over her song lyrics. On her 2014 track "Ultraviolence", the singer sang, "he hit me and it felt like a kiss." It has since led people to accuse her off glamorizing abuse.

Lana, however, told Pitchfork in 2017 that she is not a fan of the line either. "I don't like it. I don't sing that line any more," she claimed. "Having someone be aggressive in a relationship was the only relationship I knew. I'm not going to say that that [lyric] was 100% true, but I do feel comfortable saying what I was used to was a difficult, tumultuous relationship, and it wasn't because of me. It didn't come from my end."

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