Drake Calls Gillie Da Kid's Cousin Wallo a 'Rat' After Sweden Detainment

Meanwhile, Gillie's cousin and 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' co-host responds after the Philadelphia emcee announces the end of their podcast because of his alleged snitching.

AceShowbiz - Drake has suggested that Wallo was behind his recent detainment in Sweden. After he was briefly put in jail in the European country, the Canadian superstar reached out to Gillie Da Kid to vent his frustration over the situation that he claimed was caused by Gillie's cousin.

On Sunday, July 24, Gillie posted on his Instagram page an alleged screenshot of his DM conversation with Drake. "They put me in jail last night for 4 hours," Drizzy wrote, "snatched me out the club last night for no reason they claimed suspicious activity had me strapped down in a police van took my phone all kinds of dumb s**t they said they got a call about me while I was in there...I know it was Wallo."

Gillie replied, "Yo I'm [skull emojis] wait did Wallo snitch cause I always knew cuz was a rat or was it a different call." Drizzy then wrote back, "Hahahhaha man ratted on me long distance." Gillie captioned the since-deleted post, "@wallo267 [a rat emoji] I sincerely apologize @champagnepapi."

Gillie further doubled down on the allegation that Wallo snitched on Drake in a video. "I wanna say I got some great disturbing news," he said as he announced the end of his podcast with Wallo, "Million Dollaz Worth of Game". He claimed, "I live by certain rules. I do not f**k with no rats. I don't f**k with no racists. Even though I'm not subscribed to the streets no more, to n***a that is subscribed to the streets, if you rat, I can't f**k with you."

"And my cousin Wallo is a f**king rat, unfortunately," he stressed. "So 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' will no longer be going on. Imma start my own thing. He's going to do his own thing. I'm sorry to all our fans that f**ked with us, took the journey with us. But...my cousin is a big rat, man."

Catching wind of this, Wallo responded in the comment of Gillie's post. "Hold up, let me explain, its complicated," he defended himself. "You told me you was gonna jump on a song with @n3wyrkla but you stop answering my calls. So I hand to get your attention & get your mind right. We should have a better understanding now. Don't make [me] sit you down again. Stay focus."

Many of Gillie and Wallo's fans, however, think that they were just joking. "That's crazy if this is not a jokeā€¦.," one person reacted. Another was certain as saying, "Yea I Think This a Joke Y'all." A third opined, "this gotta be fake ain't no way he did this over a song," while someone else predicts that they are planning an episode featuring Drake. "Drake interview coming soon obviously," the said person wrote.

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