Woman Dragged on Twitter After Accusing Trey Songz of Being Colorist

In a video, the woman blasts the 'Heart Attack' singer for allegedly banning her from his section at a club because she is too dark, urging everyone to cancel the star.

AceShowbiz - A woman has failed to gain public's sympathy after she blasted Trey Songz. In a video which she posted online, the woman accused the R&B singer of being a colorist and asked everyone to cancel the star, but it has backfired.

The woman took to social media to detail a run-in she had with the "Can't Help but Wait" crooner at a club. Visibly upset, she claimed that he didn't let her in his section at the club because she is too dark.

"I feel like the world needs to know, and to immediately stop supporting, Trey Songz," she began her story with a quivering voice. Noting his previous accusations, she continued, "Outside of his other allegations, I'm going to say something that's not an allegation-- I witnessed it first hand!"

The woman said the encounter took place at Tru Ulta Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona, in which Trey hosted a party. "Not all the women in his section were beautiful," she claimed, "but, they were all... light complected." Unamused by his selection of girls, she initially believed that it was because he hadn't seen a "pretty, chocolate girl" yet.

However, when she made her way over his section, she was turned down by security. According to the guard, Trey said, "Dark-skinned women are weak," and that he didn't want any "weak a** dark-skinned women in his section."

The woman said her initial reaction was, "What the f**k?" While her night didn't go as planned, she stated that the DJ reassured her of her beauty. "He was like, 'Listen, you are a goddess. Don't let this get you down,' " she recalled.

But other social media users were baffled as to why the woman wanted attention from Trey, who has been facing sexual assault allegations by multiple women. "B***h said we need to all stop supporting Trey Songz immediately because he didn't let her in his section. B***h we been stopped supporting that predator. Why were you so thirsty to be around him is the question," one commenter said.

Another similarly reacted, "....he has multiple sex allegations and your cut off point was when he didn't allow you into his section? And why are black men in the comments defending Trey Songz?!!?!?" A third added, "Trey Songz is an alleged rapist with countless allegations, and you're upset a man like him didn't allow you in his section due to 'colorism'. LMFAO."

A fourth person echoed the sentiment, "Crying at her saying Trey Songz should be cancelled, not for his sexual assault allegations, but because he didn't want dark skin women in his section." Someone else didn't even care about the woman's complaint as saying, "Like bro she wants sympathy cause she didn't meet Trey Songz groupie standards???? This the type s**t I'm suppose to care about in 2022? LMFAO."

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