Serving as the title song of his upcoming comeback album 'Psy 9th', the bouncy track, which is produced by the awards-winning artist and producer, features catchy chorus.

AceShowbiz - Psy is officially making a splashy comeback with his brand new song "That That". Premiered on Friday, April 29 local time along with its music video, the song features Suga of today's hottest K-pop band BTS (Bangtan Boys), who also produces the track.

The cowboy-themed music video features Psy sporting flashy old West outfits and singing the catchy chorus, "That that, I like that/ That that, I like that baby/ It's like that." He performs choreographed dances with a bunch of backing dancers and gives a nod to his 2012 hit "Gangnam Style" by showing the famous horse-riding dance.

Halfway through the song, Suga literally leaps into the video and delivers his fiery bars. The two get into a playful duel that ends up with Psy getting bloody and knocked out, but soon the duo already get along and pose inside a saloon as well as take a spin in a car.

Prior to the release of the song, Suga revealed that he thought he would only produce the song and didn't expect to be featured on it. "To be honest, I haven't gotten that close with anyone I collab with, it's because I'm not usually the type to meet up with collaborators in person," he explained in a video. "But [Psy] he wanted to see me in person."

Psy added that at first they met because Suga wanted to produce his music, but then "he ended up featuring on the track." They went "back and forth a lot" as the 29-year-old produced the song, but he still didn't see himself going as far as being featured on the song and appearing in the music video. "I seriously didn't expect to be dancing with Psy. Ah… I thought I was only writing the song," he shared.

Psy went on dishing, "Then he ended up learning the intense choreo[graphy]. Then he ended up starring in the music video." He added, "Step by step, he got involved more and more deeply. Our Yoon-gi."

"That That" serves as the title track of Psy's upcoming eighth studio album "Psy 9th", which also drops on April 29. It also features collaborations with Hwa Sa of MAMAMOO on a cover of Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora's 1984 single "When the Rain Begins to Fall" and with Crush on "Happier".

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