At one point in the creepy music video, which is helmed by photographer/director Matilda Finn, the two versions of the Canadian singer/songwriter come face-to-face.

AceShowbiz - The Weeknd has treated fans to the music video for his new track "Gasoline" off his new album "Dawn FM". The chart-topping singer unveiled the dimly lit video that features him at a sinister club on Tuesday morning, January 11.

The visuals, helmed by photographer/director Matilda Finn, opens with an older version of The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, driving his car at night on a fog-shrouded highway. Distracted by the high-pitched tone coming from his hearing aid, which is covered by ants, he crashes into a street sign.

When he steps outside his car, he finds himself at a sweaty, packed nightclub featuring twin TikTok stars and models including Olivia Sysack and Jessica Sysack, Erin Green and Desiree Green as well as Audra Stillwell and Alyssa Stilwell. The dark setting further intensifies the gloomy vibe in the club as it is filled with demonic-faced people. A current version of The Weeknd then appears before he seemingly has a mental breakdown.

“It's 5 AM my time again/ I've soakin' up the moon, can't sleep/ It's 5 AM my time again/ I'm calling and you know it's me/ I'm pushin' myself further/ I'm just tryin' to feel my heartbeat beat/ I wrap my hands around your neck," The Weeknd sings as a wet, disembodied hand reaches up through the floor to grab his ankle during the bizarre scene.

At one point, the two versions of The Weeknd come face-to-face. The singer later attacks his doppelganger, knocking him to the ground and kicking him with no mercy.

"Dawn FM" is a follow-up of The Weeknd's fourth album, "After Hours". Released on January 7, the fifth studio album from by the Canadian musician features Jim Carrey, Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones and more.

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