Candace Owens Likens Parents Who Encourage Transgenderism in Children to 'Predator'

Social media users are divided over the conservative political commentator's remark, with some agreeing with her and others arguing that there's a difference between encouraging and supporting.

AceShowbiz - Candace Owens has sparked a Twitter debate yet again with her bold opinion. The author, who has many times spoken up against LGBTQ+, is now slamming any adults or parents who introduce transgenderism to children, comparing them to "child predator."

The conservative political commentator, who is a mother of a nearly-one-year-old son, shared her thought on the matter on Tuesday, December 28. Taking to the blue bird app, she wrote, "Any adult who encourages transgenderism in children is a child predator, bar none."

Not surprisingly, many of her followers agreed with her. "Absolutely! Child services should intervene too," one person reacted to Candace's tweet. Another simply replied, "Amen." A fan said, "I appreciate Candace's fearlessness. Somebody has got to say something," as a fourth user commented, "Thank you for the courage to speak the truth."

Still, there were others who believe that Candace got it wrong. "the thing is most of these young teenagers reach an age where THEY are able to make that decision on what they want to do and who they want to become, literally nobody is encouraging children to be trans….. she said a bunch of nothing," one argued.

Another told the 32-year-old Republican supporter, "Don't believe parents do this. Try researching first." Someone claimed, "Do you have any examples of this? I work in pediatrics and I've never seen a parent do this. The opposite actually. Being trans is a very difficult road, and I haven’t seen any parents pushing kids to go down that road."

One other person noted that there's a difference between encouraging and supporting, " 'Encourages'? What does that even mean. Encourages kids that are happy with their sexuality to change gender for their own selfish reasons? Sure that would be wrong, but when / where have you seen that? Supporting kids regardless of their sexuality is love."

Someone else stated, "I'm going to love my future children no matter what lifestyle they choose to live. If you are afraid of your child being apart of the LGBTQ community. Maybe you don't need to have them."

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