Princess Mako Marries Commoner Fiance, Gives Up Royal Title and Wedding Ceremony

The Japanese royal has reportedly forgone royal ceremony as she gives up her royal title to marry her college sweetheart Kei Komuro after four years of engagement.

AceShowbiz - Japan's Princess Mako has given up her royal title to wed her college sweetheart.

The niece of the Emperor Naruhito exchanged vows with Kei Komuro on Tuesday (26Oct21), and according to Japanese law, she had to leave the imperial family.

At a press event staged after the nuptials, the former princess said, "I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused and I am grateful for those... who have continued to support me. For me, Kei is irreplaceable (and) marriage was a necessary choice for us."

Mako was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the intense media coverage following her decision to wed a commoner.

Her new husband told the media, "I love Mako. We only get one life, and I want us to spend it with the one we love."

The newlyweds met during their time at International Christian University in Tokyo.

"Our first proper conversation was at the study abroad orientation held on campus in 2012," Kei said in a press conference when announcing their engagement.

"We began dating before the study abroad began, and, afterwards, the Princess traveled to Britain for a year, and myself to America, so we were separated for a long while. However, even during that time, we continued to stay in touch, and our relations deepened."

They announced their betrothal in 2017, but he asked to marry her four years prior. "After returning home, we confirmed our mutuals feelings, and I offered a proposal. In December 2013, I proposed to the Princess with the words, 'Let's marry in the future.' "

Before finally tying the knot this year, the couple put their nuptials on hold for four years due to a financial dispute involving the Komuro family.

Because of the intense media scrutiny, Mako allegedly opted to forgo royal wedding ceremony and the $1.3 million usually paid to departing royals. The couple plan to move to the U.S.

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