Nikita Dragun Backpedaling on Attempt to Expose Tyga: Don't Sexualize Trans Women

After coming under fire for allegedly trying to out the 'Rack City' rapper, the YouTube star insists that she didn't insinuate that they hooked up and that trans women 'can be friends with dudes.'

AceShowbiz - Nikita Dragun has seemingly changed her attitude toward Tyga. After apparently trying to expose the rapper in her music video for "D.I.C.K.", she has denied that she ever insinuated he is gay.

On Thursday, September 16, Nikita teased her upcoming song with a teaser video which features some celebrity lookalikes. However, it was a screenshot of her alleged DM from Tyga that raised eyebrow. In the redacted message, Blac Chyna's baby daddy allegedly wrote to the trans star, "Text me."

Catching wind of this, Tyga was quick to clarify as he responded to the uproar on Twitter. "My company shot and directed a music video for her a while back that never dropped .Not sure why she added my likeness to this," he explained, before advising his followers, "Ladies and gentlemen clout kills."

Many have since come to Tyga's defense and blasted Nikita for seemingly trying to out the ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner. "All this energy should've gone in making a better song to be honest," one person said of the YouTube star. "She's pretty and all that but the music is not giving."

Another echoed the sentiment, "Even if he was tryna talk to her, I still think it's distasteful to try to put someone on blast. Now no one wants to mess with you because you're messy." A third slammed Nikita, "He didn't mis gender her….but she 'mis sexual orientated' him…..For likes, clout, and views….where is the outrage? cuz it's out of line to be outing anyone that has not come out the closet or even stated they are 'gay'….so many people commit suicide for acts like this where is the outrage for this?"

Following the backlash, Nikita later denied that she ever insinuated she hooked up with Tyga. Blaming the critics for misinterpreting her message in the clip, she claimed on her Story, "and no. I didn't not hookup with all the people in the video."

"Y'all are so quick to sexualize Trans Women…," she went on stressing, "we can be friends with dudes. it is U who put the narrative that a man will only want to be with a Trans woman for sex."

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