Kate Beckinsale Considers Going Back to Oxford University Decades After Dropping Out

Explaining why she chose to abandon her academic dreams in her 20s, the 'Underworld' actress reveals that her old French tutor would welcome her back with open arms.

AceShowbiz - Kate Beckinsale is considering picking up her studies at Oxford University after a recent visit with her daughter.

The actress abandoned her academic dreams after a friend died, but now she admits she'd like to go back. And her old French tutor would welcome her with open arms.

"My friends [at college] were party people and I wasn't," she tells the MailOnline. "They'd all moved into a house and I stayed in the college, where I then got mono [infectious mononucleosis] and went home. While I was home, one of my dear friends there ended up jumping out of a window and dying. All my other friends were rusticated - basically expelled for a year and then you come back."

"When I was considering going back, nobody was there and there was this horrible whiff of death everywhere. That was the reason I didn't go back."

"I took my kid to my college and my French tutor was still there. She said, 'You know you can come back any time?'"

And the "Serendipity" star insists she'd make a much better student now she's in her late 40s.

"It's such a shame university is at this time of your life when you're thinking, 'Who should I get off with and am I a lesbian and what posters do I want on my wall?' Wouldn't it be better once you've actually lived a bit to go, 'I really like this'."

Kate recently reunited with daughter Lily Mo Sheen after being kept apart by the COVID-19 pandemic. On July 23, the "Underworld" actress was caught on camera with Lily at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

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