The 'Arrested Development' star clarifies that he is 'not wishing for devastation' after he was deemed out of touch with his tweet, considering the COVID-19 pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Henry Winkler has apologized after his tweet, which seemed to be intended as a call for unity, has drawn negative responses. On Saturday, July 3, the two-time Golden Globe Award winner posted on his account, "We are So divided as a country .. only a cataclysmic Event , that makes us depend on one another again , can bring us back together."

Henry Winkler's Tweet

Henry Winkler called for a unity.

One user reminded him that the U.S. has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed more than 600,000 Americans. "sir, we're in the midst of a pandemic and look how that turned out…," the person tweeted, to which the 75-year-old actor responded, "The pandemic pushed us inside .. away from each other that was not it."

Another echoed the sentiment, "I love that you are this idealistic, but over half 1 million Americans have died of Covid. If that didn't work, nothing will." A third cited the devastating 9/11 attack, writing, "The last one was 9/11. I don't think we should do that again."

A fourth critic fumed, "What exactly are you wanting, a super volcano? We've had a killer virus, brush fires that burned through Australia and the US. Huge heat waves, ice storms, mud slides, tsunamis, hurricanes, giant F5 tornados."

After learning that his tweet wasn't well received by others, Henry returned to the blue-bird app again on Sunday, July 4 to clarify his earlier message. "To be clear .. I am not wishing for devastation. My hope is for for our country to re unite again .. I 'm so sorry for not being clear," he wrote.

Henry Winkler's Tweet

Henry responded to backlash over his earlier tweet.

Some people have also come to his defense, with one gushing over him, "Henry Winkler is one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met. A genuinely good person. He means well with this tweet, so give him a break." Another agreed with the "Childrens Hospital" alum, "Henry is correct!"

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