In a new interview, Sabrina talks about the Atlanta rapper's attempt to kill her in addition to offering more insights into the claims made by the pair's other alleged victims.

AceShowbiz - Sabrina Peterson has detailed her legal face-off with T.I. and his wife Tiny (Tameka Cottle) after she accused him of holding a gun to her head among other things they allegedly did to her. In a new interview, Sabrina talked about T.I.'s attempt to kill her in addition to offering more insights into the claims made by the pair's other alleged victims, who came forward with sexual misconduct allegations against the couple after Sabrina went public with her accusations.

"The first victim allegedly had the same gun that was pulled on me, her three children were forced in the closet at gunpoint," said Sabrina. "She described the same gun [from T.I.]. She described the same exact gun. There's no way that this woman would be able to vividly describe this gun unless she actually seen this very gun."

She also shared, "Oh, he put a silver revolver long-nose all chrome gun to my head. If you look at the pictures of the guns they confiscated, that was one of the ones that was on the table. So, for her to vividly say this and for me to have an eight-year-old that's been victimized and put on front street with lies... That triggered her."

Sabrina admitted that she was also surprised when women reached out to her with their own stories and experiences with the Atlanta rapper and the Xscape singer. "When I posted her thing, the DMs started ringing like a telethon. I'm like, this is a lot," she revealed. Sabrina added that once she heard the story about the girl whose husband was allegedly kidnapped, T.I. tried to kill her.

"One of his people that worked for him came to me and told one of his security guards that was also on his record label, maybe like right when I came home from prison, he was laughing... He was like, 'You know that n***a tried to pay me to kill you?' " Sabrina claimed. The man allegedly told Tiny's former friend that the rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris, tried to pay him $25,000 to assassinate her.

When asked about how he was supposed to do it, Sabrina said that the man told her that he was set to push her off of a building. Thankfully, the man opted not to do it.

Following several accusations leveled against T.I. and Tiny, it was confirmed in May that the hip-hop couple was under investigation in Los Angeles over an alleged incident that took place in 2005. The pair, however, vemehently denied the claims.

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