Ellen Pompeo Reacts to Fan Dubbing 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 'Dumpster Fire Trash''
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Despite the criticism, the Emmy-winning actress, who plays Meredith Grey on the popular series, defends the fan when some others attack her for the criticism.

AceShowbiz - Acknowledging that it's hard to please everyone, Ellen Pompeo can take criticism. The "Grey's Anatomy" actress caught wind of a fan's criticism towards the long-running show's latest season 17 and she seemed to be okay with that.

It started after one fan praised the season, writing on Twitter, "Hi, @EllenPompeo, sorry for all the @GreysABC tags but 17 is the most groundbreaking, life changing season. Seriously though, I think this season has really helped a lot of people." The person went on to gush, "If these beach scenes don't hit you, you're not a fan nor human. Thank you so much!"

However, one person begged to differ. Replying to the tweet, the person said, "I guess I'm an alien because this season was dumpster [fire emoji] trash!" The critic added, "I love the show but not this season."

Ellen apparently noticed the tweet and decided to respond to it. "All good! Seventeen seasons we can't please everyone all the time … it's definitely not easy keeping it going and keeping it great… I get it…thanks for checking it out anyway… and thanks for your feedback it matters …sending you love," the Emmy-winning star wrote back.

Not stopping there, Ellen defended the fan when some others attacked her for the criticism. "But why is someone saying they didn't like something bad? It's literally been on for two decades!! Let her live… there is plenty of s**t I don't like…," Ellen wrote in a separate tweet. She added, "Not to mention people are pretty much allowed to feel however they want after this really f**ked up couple of years we have had."

Some fans, meanwhile, defended Ellen and the show's season 17 with one of them writing, "Look season 17 had me crying on every episode. Started getting worried that my hormones are off or something." Another fan, meanwhile, admitted, "this kinda angers me cause this season was absolutely brilliant. it was different for sure but let's not forget the circumstances this seasons was filmed in AND the great representation how it is to have covid or to have a family member who has covid & how heartbreaking that is."

"I think the issue with this season is just everyone was pandemic exhausted and watching the season as the pandemic was exhausting the show is amazing and so was this season but it was just hard with pandemic exhaustion," another fan opined. Feeling grateful, one fan said, "Just want to say big thankyou to all at greys for making my lockdown here in uk bearable I have enjoyed watching and catching up as I had not really followed greys now I love it and can't wait for season 18 so thanks for making my life bearable so to all cast crew keep safe."

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