Dappy Becomes Real-Life Hero for Preventing Suicidal Fan From Jumping Off Bridge

The N-Dubz member is hailed a 'hero' after he helped cops save a suicidal man from jumping off Tower Bridge in London when he was nearby to film a music video.

AceShowbiz - N-Dubz star Dappy has been hailed as a "hero" after saving the life of a suicidal man.

The 34-year-old star was filming a music video near London's Tower Bridge when he was recognised by the 27-year-old man, who is a "huge fan," and invited over by police to try to help.

"Dappy was filming his new music video around Tower Bridge, but saw loads of police cars and ambulances dotted around," a source told Britain's The Sun newspaper.

"The bridge got closed off, and police asked him to leave the area. As he was walking away, Dappy heard this young guy shouting his name and waving frantically as he was perched precariously in an arch directly over the Thames.

"After telling a constable he was a fan, Dappy was invited under the cordon to try. They spent about 10 minutes talking, and Dappy was amazing. He told him life was beautiful, and that things would get better basically. As a result, the guy let medics climb up and help get him off."

The man was taken to hospital as a precaution and following his release, he and his family reached out to thank Dappy.

"After being hospitalised, he was released and reached out to DM Dappy, thanking him profusely," the insider explained. "The guy's sister also sent a heartfelt message. Dappy's been an absolute hero."

Dappy recently released a brand new single titled "Bolo" featuring Abra Cadabra.

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