Kim Kardashian Defended Against Claim of Hiring PI for La La Anthony to Expose Carmelo's BM

Strangely, it's the CMO of Kim's KKW Brands, Tracy Romulus, who takes responsibility for hiring a third party to get additional information about Carmelo's twin babies.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian's involvement in La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony's marital drama has been denied. The reality TV star has been accused by the NBA star's alleged baby mama of hiring a private investigator to find out who she is, but the claim has been debunked.

It's Tracy Romulus, the CMO of Kim's KKW Brands, who comes to the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star's defense. Speaking to Hollywood Unlocked, she denies allegations that Kim hired a private investigator for La La.

Tracy even shockingly claims responsibility for it, admitting that after learning of Carmelo's alleged secret babies, she acted on her own to reach out to a third party to get additional information. Tracy Romulus stresses that it was her own interest to get to the bottom of this and she acted independently since she is also a good friend of La La.

Previously, the woman, who claims Carmelo fathers her twins, told the site that Kim had a hand on revealing her identity to La La. After allegedly hiring a PI to find out who she is, the baby mama said the estranged wife of Kanye West called La La hysterically crying when she delivered the news.

Although the woman said that she wants no problems with the "Power" actress, she fears Kim may try to do damage control and make her out to be the bad person in this situation. She also claimed that she has been stressed out after learning of Kim's alleged involvement in the Anthony family drama.

The alleged baby mama, whose identity has not been made public, also blasted Carmelo for being an "absent father." She said that the 37-year-old has never met her children since she gave birth to them prematurely in April. The babies have remained in the hospital in London, where he sent her to in order to avoid the media scrutiny regarding the pregnancy, until her due date, which was scheduled for mid-June.

One of her babies developed problems with his brain and lacked oxygen and needed surgery, but when she told Carmelo about it, he reportedly showed no concern. When she told him that he needs to see his new babies, the athlete allegedly told her that he still needs time to figure everything out.

The woman said she wanted to come forward and speak out not to be "messy or hurt people" adding, "I don't want to destroy their family." She added, "I just can't function like this." She went on admitting, "I've seen my wrong in the situation and I should've never let this get this far, but I don't want my kids to suffer."

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