Jeffree Star 'Grateful' for Making 'Choice to Heal' by Moving Away From L.A.

While addressing his mental health and being 'very transparent,' the beauty vlogger reveals that he is selling his 'giant house' and he has 'donated and sold' all his clothes to start 'the next chapter' of his life.

AceShowbiz - Jeffree Star has publicly announced that he just made a major life decision. Addressing his mental health in a new video that he shared on his YouTube channel, the famed beauty vlogger admitted that he felt "grateful" for making "choice to heal" by moving away from Los Angeles.

"I'm starting the next chapter of my life," the beauty guru wrote in the caption of the clip he posted on Tuesday, June 15. The makeup artist continued to express his gratitude, saying, "Thank you to everyone who has stood by me through all the success AND the ugly. I love you so much." He began to remind people, "If you are struggling with mental health issues or depression, NEVER feel ashamed to ask for help. I waited too long and I'm grateful every day for making the choice to heal."

Elsewhere in the note, Jeffree revealed, "There has been so many major life changes for me this year and I'm ready to share them all with you. It's time to address my mental health and be very transparent." The 35-year-old makeup enthusiast continued, "I've had so many silent personal struggles, public feuds and ALOT of mental trauma. Caused by ME, my past actions and people from my past. I've had TOO MUCH loss and have been slowly healing."

"Please listen with an open heart and mind," Jeffree noted. He then announced that he planned to move away, adding, "It's time to also say goodbye to California for awhile.. I'm selling my giant house in LA, I've donated and sold all my clothes."

In the nearly 26-minute clip, Jeffree shared that he finally did "reevaluate" his life. "I had so much time during COVID and lockdown and quarantine to really reevaluate my entire life," he claimed. "And I finally had a lot of time to address things that I was not ready to address with myself, was too scared to deal with my personal issues, and so many mental things that I was running from, so I'm selling this house."

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder went on to explain that he might come back to California someday. "I need to say goodbye to California for a second," he shared. As for where he will stay, he opened up that he's going to be living in Wyoming.

"You guys know I live in Wyoming part-time, now full-time, and I really needed to do it for me. Now this decision was astronomically hard," Jeffree declared. "There's so many factors in my life, and after months I think I'm ready."

Elsewhere in the lengthy video, he admitted that he has been going to therapy. "I really needed help with why I react the way I react, why I do the things I do, somehow got caught up in joining this YouTube space and the beauty world," he admitted, noting that the beauty community "is insane."

"I don't even think there is one anymore currently today, but I was part of the problem. I also got swept up…I'll regret that forever, all the crazy things that have happened publicly," he added. "So many things will never be said."

Jeffree's announcement came two weeks after he claimed that he chose to focus on "positivity" following his "childish" YouTube scandals in the past. At the time, he confessed that he is now "generally in a really good place mentally, and [he] definitely wasn't before."

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