K. Michelle Claps Back at Haters Accusing Her of Plastic Surgery After Controversial Selfie

After sparking chatter with her recent selfie, the singer and 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star has responded to trolls who accuse her of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

AceShowbiz - K. Michelle is setting the record straight. After sparking chatter with her recent selfie, the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star has responded to trolls who accused her of doing something to her face as she looked different in one of her Instagram posts.

As many Internet users didn't believe that she was the one in the picture that she shared earlier this week, K. Michelle addressed the matter in an Instagram Live session. "Clearly it's me," the reality TV star said during the Live. Explaining herself, she went on to say, "I've been this color forever. I've clearly been doing a TV show... I've been in the studio every day. I don't know possibly when I would have had time to get a facelift or--in two days when y'all have seen me already on live."

Referring to her new pink hair, K. Michelle added, "Yeah, I have hair, I have makeup, lighting, people shooting and stuff for me. Y'all are crazy. Do you see this is me?"

The singer then revealed that she was originally planning to ignore the hate comments, though she eventually decided to address it. "At first, I was just like, 'Oh, okay. Let me just ignore it or whatever 'cause that's just how people are.' But you're f***ing bullying somebody. What if somebody f***kin' had problems? I'm the person trying to help people with plastic surgery. I haven't did nothing. I haven't did nothing to my face. Y'all should stop that," she shared.

"Why are you worried about my face, man? I'm feeling good. I'm looking good," so she concluded.

K. Michelle was accused of undergoing cosmetic surgery after she shared a picture of her looking gorgeous while rocking new pink hair. "Today you can call me Pinky thanks @slaidit for flying out to me," so she captioned the snap.

In response to the post, some fans appeared to believe that the star must have done something to her face. "While I must first say K Michelle has always been beautiful... I can't ignore the fact that her surgeon SNAPPED," one Twitter user commented. "A whole new face!!!!" another fan said. "This doesn't look like you," one person added, with some others asking, "Who is this?" Meanwhile, someone noted, "It's the face structure for meeee."

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