The 'Fuller House' alum, who have been married to Valeri Bure for 25 years, claims that quarantine helps them to realize 'how much [they] love each other.'

AceShowbiz - Candace Cameron has found the silver lining in the coronavirus pandemic. The former "Fuller House" star, who has been married to Valerie Bure for more than two decades, credited quarantine for their strengthened bond.

The 45-year-old opened up about her marriage when speaking to PEOPLE. "I think that the great thing was that we realized how much we love each other, and that might sound silly. We have busy lifestyles and we both travel a lot for our jobs. So when you're back at home and you're spending 24 hours a day [together], it can either go both ways," she said.

"It's going to be good or bad, and it has been really great," the mother of three added. "We just got to enjoy one another and realize that, 'Oh, yeah. I really love you. It's been 25 years and you're awesome. I remember why I married you.' "

Cameron, who wed the former ice hockey player in 1996, went on to spill the secret behind their long-lasting marriage. "It's really about talking and listening to one another. I hate using the word compromise because I feel like it sounds like nobody wins when you compromise. It's really about looking after your spouse's needs and then looking at your needs," she explained.

"If you really want to honor them, you try to do what's best for them and for your whole family. It's hard to not be selfish. That's really, I think, the key to a long-lasting marriage," she further shared. "You really have to look at your spouse or your family or whatever beyond yourself, because marriage is not about you... You're not one person in it, there's two people. So you have to look at each other and value one another above yourself."

During the interview, Candace also raved about reuniting with sons Lev and Maksim, as well as daughter Natasha. "It ended up being a really good year in that sense of family. I was so happy that I had my kids back at home. I was very briefly an empty nester at the start of 2020, and then all of a sudden [I] wasn't anymore, but I loved it," the actress gushed. "I love being with my kids and spending time with them. So that was great."

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