Fans Find Britney Spears' Black Lives Matter Post 'Racist'

The 'Oops!... I Did It Again' singer gets mixed reactions from her followers after posting a message about white people's 'wealth' privilege and black people's 'generational trauma.'

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears' show of support to Black Lives Matter movement has divided her fans. On Monday, April 19, while jury deliberations started over ex-police officer Derek Chauvin in George Floyd's murder, the pop star took to Instagram to weigh in on the issue.

The 39-year-old singer posted a black-and-white picture of a man holding a sign that read, "White people have generational wealth. Black people have generational trauma. #WeAreNotTheSame." She added in the caption, "Just sayin' !!!!"

Some people praised Britney for speaking up in the matter, with one calling her "woke Britney" and another hailed her "Queen of joining the movement!!!!" A third fan agreed, writing, "YES QUEEN BRITNEY." Another commented, "Thank you for speaking up," while someone else gushed, "I didn't think I could love you more!!! Thank you for this. Britney for President!!"

But not all agreed with her. The post was also flooded with comments criticizing the notion that all white people have generational wealth. "I mean - this is literally not true," one person argued. "This is called profiling which is also racist."

Another baffled user wondered, "So now we are labeling people based on skin color which is literally what we are supposedly trying not to do?" One person tried to remind the "Toxic" songstress, "Please don't go down this rabbit hole."

"White person here and I also have generational trauma. Ignorant thing to post," another claimed, while one other echoed, "Not all white people have generational wealth and personally I have generational trauma." She added, "Hurts to see this."

One person labeled Britney "Another uneducated liberal," while someone raised the speculation that Britney is not in control of her social media pages, "If ppl didn't believe you were being controlled, they sure do now."

"I knew I covered your tattoo up for a reason," a former fan remarked, while another suggested the "...Baby One More Time" hitmaker to show her support to the BLM movement with action rather than words, urging her to "donate all your money."

Britney has not responded to fans' reactions to her post as the post in question is still on her page as of press time.

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