Ron Howard and Clint Howard to Release Memoir on Their 'Anything But' Normal Childhood

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker and his actor brother will release a chronicle called 'The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family', which is slated for an October release.

AceShowbiz - Fans of Ron Howard and Clint Howard will soon be able to learn more about the famous siblings' childhood and family stories. On Monday, April 12, it was announced that the "A Beautiful Mind director and the "Assault on Wall Street" actor are set to release their first memoir on October 12.

The memoir, which is titled "The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family", will focus on Ron and Clint's childhood that was "anything but" normal. "When our dad passed in 2017, Clint and I began reflecting upon our lives and realized that while our childhoods seemed normal, they were anything but," Ron said of the book.

"Who grows up on a soundstage hanging out with Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, or with a trained bear? And what are the ways that particular childhood forever informed the choices I would make as a husband, father and filmmaker?" he recalled.

The "Cinderella Man" filmmaker later said that he is thrilled to share his and Clint's life stories. He stated, "We're excited to share the story of how our parents pulled this off, raising two show-business kids who had no clue that their lives were out of the ordinary while rooting them in a loving, slightly off beat family."

Clint added that writing memoir with his brother was a fine experience. The "Solo: A Star Wars Story" actor said, "Mom and dad's teachings are treasures to this day but I’ve realized that I took their presence for granted. Writing 'The Boys' with my brother has been the topper of a wonderful lifetime."

"The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family" comes from HarperCollins Publishers. In a released statement, the publishing house described the work as follows, "By turns confessional, nostalgic, heartwarming, and harrowing, The Boys is a dual narrative that lifts the lid on the Howard brothers' closely held lives. It's the journey of a tight four-person family unit that held fast in an unforgiving business and of two brothers who survived 'child-actor syndrome' to become fulfilled adults."

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