Naomi Scott Reveals How She Made Peace With Being Cut Out of 'The Martian'

Being cast in a supporting role as Ryoko in the Ridley Scott-directed film, the 'Aladdin' star shares her advice to those who had been in a situation where they wanted the ground to swallow them up.

AceShowbiz - Naomi Scott "choked" on her one scene of dialog before she was ultimately cut from Ridley Scott's "The Martian". The actress, 27, was cast in a supporting role as Ryoko in the flick, but had the majority of her scenes axed after a mishap on set.

"There was one dialog scene and then I was in scenes, but just there," Naomi tells Collider. "So there was this one dialog scene. It was this science jargon. Ridley Scott was behind this curtain and I was just, mate, I just choked."

She reflects, "I think it's so important to just talk about moments where you choke, because they really do inform your experiences and they really do force you to kind of reconcile whatever those insecurities that you have are and face them."

"Anyone out there, in whatever field of work, and you think of that time that you wanted the ground to swallow you up, let me tell you, we've all been there. I've been there in front of Ridley Scott."

Although Naomi was eventually able to get the dialog out, her scene ended up getting cut out of the movie - but it did become a deleted scene in the extended version.

"I was just this little role. They didn't care. Maybe if you're the lead in something. I wouldn't take that stuff too personally, do you know what I mean?" shrugs the "Aladdin" star. "I laughed it off."

"I came back to my mother-in-law - this is the best thing - I got back home, I went to hers because we were there and she opened the door and she went, 'You're an extra?' Because literally in the movie, there's one shot of me in this cap and I'm like this. It's like one second!"

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