JT Deletes Twitter After Dragged for Blocking Fan With Cancer

When someone urges the City Girls member to notice Shaddai Randolph, who claims that she's 'dying' and 'have cancer,' the ailing fan reveals that the raptress actually had her blocked on the blue bird app.

AceShowbiz - JT has quit Twitter after receiving backlash over her treatment to an ailing fan. In some screenshots that were first shared by Pop Crave, a fan who claimed to have cancer could be seen reaching out to the one half of City Girls, asking anout her promise to send her a DM.

"Hey JT sorry to bother u I know I've said this b4 but I'm a fan of Urs & I think ur amazing & funny. Seeing u help me keeps my spirits up when I'm in pain. I'm dying & have cancer," so the fan named Shaddai Randolph wrote to the raptress alongside a picture of her in the hospital bed. "You said u would DM me but never did. I still would like facetime u for 5mins if possible Luv u."

When another fan urged JT to notice Shaddai, the latter revealed that JT actually had her blocked. "She blocked me y'all won. Y'all can seeing me death messages and seeing me emails to die on my go fund me or to my mother. Y'all won I get it," she wrote.

JT admitted that she did block the fan. "I blocked her cause she was writing under every one of my post & everybody post I was gone unblock her when I was ready to call gone head on y'all be doing it," she explained. Alluding that she refused to give the fan a call, JT added in a separate post, "Me too. Ima just pray for her that's stronger than a phone call."

"She is f**king disgusting wtf," one person blasted JT over her response. "i feel so bad for that lil girl. all she wanted to do was talk but got blocked instead," another fan added. Comparing her to Taylor Swift, one user added, "Taylor Swift literally has donated to go fund mes lol what are these new celebrities doing." Meanwhile, someone called JT "laaame," adding, "What a b***h. And she has fans ?"

The star went on to explain herself in a video. "She was writing under everything, and then I was in the middle of a motherf**king argument … She was under my s**t, people was arguing with her, there was too much going on," JT said. "I would never say f*k nobody with f**kin' cancer. Get the f**k outta here. And I deactivated Twitter because everything I say and do know, I can't even be happy in peace."

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