Melania Trump Slammed for Bragging About Renovated Tennis Pavilion Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Instead of praises, the wife of President Donald Trump earns backlash over her social media post with one commenting, 'ARE YOU WEARING I DONT CARE JACKET CAUSE this is bs.'

AceShowbiz - Melania Trump has landed in hot water again. FLOTUS sparked rage online after she announced on her Twitter and Instagram accounts that she's successfully completed the nearly year-long renovation of the White House tennis pavilion. While the new building is gorgeous, some people were not happy, thinking that she could have used her time to focus on COVID-19.

"History continues to unfold at the @WhiteHouse & I am pleased to announce the completion of the tennis pavilion," so the 51-year-old wrote on Monday, December 7 alongside before-and-after pictures of the building. "Preserving this historic landmark is vital & I want to thank all who helped complete this project."

Instead of praises, the post earned the wife of President Donald Trump some backlash. "The historical account of constructing this tennis pavilion during a pandemic which has killed nearly 300,000 people and counting will be recorded. Your shameful disregard for the ongoing suffering at the hands of this administration will not be forgotten," one blasted her.

Someone, meanwhile, questioned, "Do you and your hubby & fam think of going to different charities in the Wash area where they have food lines and free food to distribute food each day. Your hubby doesn't seem to have much more to do than to tell lies about the election and it would look good on you."

"I'm not an American. I don't live in the USA. But I am flabbergasted about this presidential couple! People dying by the thousands and BarbieTrumpgirl is babbling about a tenniscourt? Really??!!" another person commented. "Are you fking kidding me .People losing homes,life, cov 19 and foodbanks almost empty .ARE YOU WEARING I DONT CARE JACKET CAUSE this is bs when TAXPAYERS MONEY HELP TAX PAYERS .2021 can't come fast enough .EVICTION NOTICE JAN 20 2021," another enraged user added.

"Here we go again. Melania now bragging about a tennis pavilion that will hardly be used. Trying to come up with wonderful things a first lady is famous for? Christmas trees & tennis balls. WOW. You're GRREAT!!" one user similarly said with one other criticizing, "One more thing you never learned as FLOTUS. Read the room! You care about the tennis courts while people are dying in record numbers. People can't pay their rent/mortgage. Businesses are closing. ALL due to the Administration & their terrible response to the pandemic." Meanwhile, a naysayer simply replied, "You ruin everything you touch."

However, not all comments were negative. Some fans sent support to Melania as one said, "On another note, you have no idea how much you are loved by SO many, and we are praying fervently for you and our president -- day & night. Please receive our encouragement and throw off the hatred of the haters, who don't even know you :-)."

Another positive comment read, "Omg this is a stunning makeover! Wow... everything that is on the WhiteHouse ground should be a stunning tribute to America's greatness...thankyou First Lady."

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