'The Bachelorette' Recap: Tayshia Adams Gives Group Date Rose to an Unexpected Man

The new episode of the ABC dating competition show kicks off with a growing tension between Noah Erb and the rest of the guys following a shocking turn of event.

AceShowbiz - Tayshia Adams continued her love journey in a new episode of "The Bachelorette" which aired on Tuesday, November 17. The outing kicked off with a growing tension between Noah Erb and the rest of the guys after he participated in a group date which initially didn't have his name on the participant list.

During the group date, the men had to wrestle each other as the others who weren't on the date watched from the sidelines. Chasen Nick was set to fight Ed Waisbrot in the final round, but Ed backed out due to his previous shoulder injury. That was when Noah decided to hop into the ring, though he was eventually defeated. Tayshia, however, was impressed by his bold move.

Noah, meanwhile, was aware of how the other men felt towards him. "I hate to say I don't care about their feelings, but I really don't," he said in a confessional. "My time with Tayshia is precious and I'm not here to mess around. I'm here to take risks."

He did exactly that during the night portion of the date. He was the first one to pull Tayshia aside and told her, "I told you from the start, I'm going to come here and be myself and be open and fight for what I want. If that's something you're into, it'll work out. If it's something you're not, then I'd rather not waste our time." It seemed like his words worked for Tayshia as she leaned for a kiss.

"Every time I've talked to Noah, he's surprised me," Tayshia admitted. "Even if he looks absolutely ridiculous, he owns it." Noah, however, wasn't the only one who caught her heart as she also felt connected with Brendan Morais on the group date. Despite that, Tayshia decided to give the group date rose to Noah.

The other men didn't take it well considering that Noah wasn't even invited to the group date in the first place. Ben was especially disappointed because Tayshia turned him down when he was about to ask her for a talk. "I want someone that's going to fight for me, that's eager to talk to me," Tayshia explained. "And I know there are some guys here who feel exactly that way."

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