Kate Hudson's Brother Oliver Freaked Out as He Lost His Facial Expressions After Botox

Oliver Hudson hated his new face because he looked like 'a villain' as he lost his facial expressions after getting a Botox injection during a cosmetic procedure.

AceShowbiz - Actor Oliver Hudson feared Botox had "ruined" his life after the cosmetic procedure made him lose control of his facial expressions.

The former "Nashville" star shared the awful beauty treatment experience with his actress sister, Kate Hudson, on their "Sibling Revelry" podcast, confessing he was blown away when he saw what the injectable wrinkle treatment had done to his face.

Explaining his wild day at the plastic surgeon's office, Oliver noted he got Botox after receiving a bloody "vampire facial."

"I went in and I had blood splattered all over my face and they needled it in there and then did a frickin' laser," he recalled on the podcast. "And then he (doctor) goes, 'Let's try some Botox.' And I'm like, 'Oh s**t, for real?' And he's like, 'Just trust me,' and I'm like, 'All right, f**k it, let's do it.' He puts Botox in my face and I don't feel anything."

"Two days later I'm making an expression in the mirror and one eyebrow literally goes up into my hairline. I'm like, 'What the f**k is going on?' "

Oliver, who feared his career was over, contacted the plastic surgeon right away.

"I called him immediately. I'm like, 'Jason, what the f**k, dude, you just ruined my life!' " the 44 year old shared.

"It looked insane," he lamented. "I looked like a villain."

Oliver returned to the plastic surgeon's office for more Botox to "calm it down" and now his features are back to normal.

Despite the horrid experience, Oliver would still consider going back for more in future.

"I don't have a stigma about it (Botox)," he noted. "I have so many deep wrinkles, too."

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