Beyonce's Publicist Throws Shade at Nigerian Singer Tiwa Savage Over End SARS Protest

In the post she shares on Instagram Stories, Yvette Noel-Schure says, 'Make it normal to stop judging people's actions based on posts. Posts don't make you an activist.'

AceShowbiz - Days ago, Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage urged Beyonce Knowles not to stay silent and post something about the ongoing End SARS protest in the country. While the singer has yet to give her response, her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure has done it for her, though it's safe to say that she was far from being nice.

Making use of Instagram Stories to respond to Tiwa, Yvette threw shades at her. She said in the Tuesday, October 20 post, "Not all activists live in social media. Not all doers look for validation. Not your approval. Not all work is for photo op. Make it normal to stop judging people's actions based on posts. Posts don't make you an activist."

She continued, "Actions make you an activist. Whether in the background or out in these streets. We all choose a different path to get it done. Blessed are those who do not see yet they believe. Actions speak louder than posts! Stop judging."

Tiwa made her post earlier this month, appealing to Beyonce to speak out about this issue after she got involved in the diva's "Black Is King: The Gift Album", which included several Nigerian behind the scenes. "I want to use my platform right now to call Beyonce and the whole team that reached out to a lot of Nigerians; Nigerian artistes, Nigerian producers, Nigerian video directors, dancers, creatives," she said in her livestream.

"I'm calling on Beyonce and her team, the same way they used their platform… to elevate and to show the world that Black is King and how beautiful Afrobeat and Africa our culture is," she continued. "I want them to please use their voice and their platform right because the same country that birth this genre (Afrobeat) is on fire right now."

Not stopping there, Tiwa added, "So, I'm calling on Beyonce and her whole team and I'm telling you; you cannot ignore this." However, as of now, Beyonce has yet to publicly respond to Tiwa.

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