Donald Trump Allegedly Two-Timed With Bruce Willis by Ex-Mistress Karen McDougal
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The Playboy Playmate believes she was dumped by the former 'Celebrity Apprentice' host because she was photographed with the 'Die Hard' actor in Italy, according to a friend.

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump's affair with Karen McDougal might have been long over, but new juicy details of their relationship have just been uncovered. According to a friend of the Playboy Playmate, she cheated on the former real-estate tycoon with Bruce Willis, which led to their split.

Fellow Playmate Carrie Stevens tells DailyMailTV that McDougal claimed she was in a relationship with Trump from June 2006 until April 2007, but the affair allegedly lasted longer than that. "Karen said in press interviews that she was in love with Donald Trump - the truth is it certainly wasn't love, she was sleeping with Bruce Willis at the same time," Stevens says.

"I think she makes it sound to the press like it ended when it did so she doesn't look like she was dating two men at once, but she was," so Stevens explains, adding that Trump dumped the model after she was photographed with the Hollywood star during their vacation in Italy.

"Bruce took her on a yacht trip to Italy. So knowing what we know of Donald it's not hard to guess that he found out and dumped her. Donald's ego got the best of him," so Stevens claims.

Unfortunately for McDougal, Willis also ended things with her after he found out that she was dating Trump at the same time. "He just stopped speaking to her and she was devastated over it," Stevens recalls. "Karen never got an explanation from Bruce. I believe Bruce found out about her and Donald and ended it as well."

Stevens, whose friendship with McDougal ended in January 2008, goes on revealing that the 49-year-old actress and Trump once had sex in his marital bed with Melania Trump. "And then after they had sex, he would pull out photo albums of Melania and go on and on and on about her beauty," Stevens shares.

McDougal allegedly also told her former bestie that Trump was "cheap" because he promised to buy her expensive gifts and jewelry, but the businessman never kept his promise to her.

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