Joss Stone Terrified of Labor as She's Pregnant With First Child

The 'Super Duper Love' singer officially announces she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Cody and admits that she's scared of the impending labor.

AceShowbiz - Singer Joss Stone is pregnant with her first child.

The 33-year-old star is expecting a baby with her American boyfriend Cody, she announced on her "A Cuppa Happy" podcast.

Revealing she's 17 weeks into the pregnancy, Joss told her guest Ella Mills, "Guess what? I am going to have a little baby! I am so excited to talk to you because I don't know many pregnant women. I am week 17 and I just stopped being sick all the time."

The "Super Duper Love" hitmaker added that she's "terrified" of labour, but her beau keeps reassuring her that "pain is temporary."

"Temporary, it is temporary! Oh my God it is horrible! Leave me alone! I am just going to cry!" she continued. "I woke up in the middle of the night - randomly - and I was like: 'Oh my god I am really scared!' I just got really terrified of having to push it out!"

It's unclear how long Joss has been dating Cody for. However, she recently admitted that she once considered an arranged marriage because she "couldn't find a man."

While she didn't talk about what kind of mother she would like to become, the mom-to-be made it clear in the previous episode that she was not a fan of using prescription drugs on children with ADHD. "Here in America, I notice they give a lot of drugs to children that are running around a lot," she commented. "And the kids will run around and break things and kick things so they take their kids to the doctors, and they'll say, 'Oh well he's got ADHD.' It's a lot of b**locks. I just think, 'No he has actually just got energy because he is a child.' "

During the controversial episode, she also made controversial remarks about mental health issues. " I kind of grow tired of hearing people go 'I've got anxiety, I've got depression.' There are people that do have those in a big way and there are some people that just need a diagnosis, but there are issues that are quite physical and issues that are mental," she said.

"If somebody is upset about something it's probably because something upsetting has happened - it's not because you have this ailment that you need to take drugs for."

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