Lana Del Rey Dubbed 'Karen' for Wearing Mesh Mask at Book Signing Event Despite Pandemic

During a book signing event for her poetry book 'Violent Bent Backwards Over the Glass', the singer teams her mesh mask with a matching dress as she styles her hair into a neat bun.

AceShowbiz - In late last month, Lana Del Rey released a poetry book called "Violet Bent Backwards Over the Glass". Days after the release of the book, the songstress decided to hold a book signing event in Los Angeles on Friday, October 2. However, her appearance at the event sparked criticism due to her choice of outfits.

Just as most people might have already known, wearing mesh masks during the COVID-19 pandemic is not recommended due to the fact that they cannot effectively protect against spreading or breathing in respiratory droplets that may carry the COVID-19 virus. Despite that, Lana decided to wear this type of mask when she met up with her fans at Barnes & Nobles, teaming it with a matching dress and styling her blonde hair into a neat bun.

Because of this, people started criticizing the singer and not a few even called her Karen, a pejorative term for a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others. "lana del rey has reached her full karen form HELP," one person said on Twitter. "lana rlly out here showing us the progression of White Woman TM from beautiful damsel glorifying abuse and using Whiteness as an aesthetic to support an oppressive femininity to the full transformation into the racist Karen who cannot wear a mask," one other offered a lengthy comment.

Someone else blamed quarantine for this, saying, "quarantine has revealed the true karen in lana, sighs...." On the other hand, an individual wrote, "Lana went to the Midwest with her cop boyfriend and became a middle aged Karen." There was also one person who said, "Man Lana went from being that b***h to a full on new jersey karen, 2020 been down bad."

Lana has yet to address the criticism.

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