Ray Davies Credits Older Sister for Saving His Life When He Was Only Two Days Old

In a new magazine interview, The Kinks frontman admits to finding out that he almost died back in 1944 during a zoom chat with his family, and shares the story behind 'Waterloo Sunset'.

AceShowbiz - The Kinks star Ray Davies has just learned his sister saved his life when he was a war baby.

The "Come Dancing" singer found out he almost died in 1944 during a Zoom family chat.

"When I was two days old - she would have been about five or six - she suddenly decided to pick me up and take me out of the kitchen, where my cot was, and she heard a V-2 bomb coming over," Ray tells Mojo magazine. "The V-2 landed just up the road... All the glass in the kitchen, where I'd been lying, was shattered all over the room and I would have been killed. Talk about being intuitive."

During his latest interview, Davies also revealed he didn't want The Kinks to release his track "Waterloo Sunset" despite the fact that the song was one of the group's biggest hits.

"I got my family together... and I played them the acetate of it about 20 times," he explains. "I said, 'That's for us and I don't want it to come out'. It was so important to me... Shows I'm not a very good businessman. I just wanted it to be ours."

He further elaborates, "I'm pleased that people connected to it in the right way... It's incredible when someone says, 'Did you write that, mister? I'd love to have written that.' The reward for writing is not how much money it makes... it's recognition from other people, that it resonates."

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