Friend of Slim Jxmmi's Pregnant Baby Mama Claps Back at His Mom Amid Domestic Violence Claims
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Kee, who is now almost six months pregnant with his child, previously accused the Rae Sremmurd rapper of knocking out her right front tooth during an altercation, which led to their split.

AceShowbiz - The drama between rapper Slim Jxmmi and his pregnant baby mama continues to heat up. After his girlfriend Kee accused the rapper of punching her in the face, knocking out her right front tooth during an altercation, his mom apparently came to his defense.

Writing on her Instagram post, "I don't know who needs to hear this... men have a right to defend themselves from abusive toxic women." Slamming Kee, she went on saying, "Some of you have life twisted with no ambition. Trying to take what someone has worked hard for by trying to get pregnant, lying, and stealing is not a career path."

It didn't take long before the post was noticed by Kee's friend. Defending her friend, the woman wrote on Instagram Stories, "First off my friend NEVER has to steal."

"She's the most giving person I know. If anything I watched her cash out on him for Vday and he didn't get her s**t back," she went on writing.

Fans appeared to side with Kee in this case. "Prime example of a mother cultivating and defending her son's toxic behaviour," one fan wrote. Another fan added, "His mom is the reason and it shows. Period."

A user also chimed in, "Hate mothers like this . Excusing their sons behavior when they know it's wrong . I wonder how she would feel if her pregnant daughter came home with her teeth knocked out ! Would she still have the same response. I doubt it."

Kee accused Slim of domestic violence that led to their split. TheShadeRoom reported that Slim attacked Kee, who is now almost six months pregnant. In addition to knocking out her right front tooth, he broke the bone in her gums. Following the fight Slim was forced to pay for Kee to get veneers to replace her tooth.

It was also said that Kee, who said that she was "his punching bag" during their relationship, didn't press charges on the Rae Sremmurd rapper because he allegedly threatened to call CPS once their baby is born.

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