Ray J's Estranged Wife Says It's 'a Little Too Late' for Counseling Following His Wish to Reconcile

Princess Love has responded to her estranged husband's desire to give their marriage a second chance, insisting it's too late for the couple to get counseling.

AceShowbiz - Singer Ray J's estranged wife has shut down any hopes of a reconciliation, insisting his recent offer to seek marriage counselling has come "a little too late."

The "One Wish" star filed for divorce in Los Angeles last week (14Sep20), four months after Princess Love, the mother of his two young children, initially took legal action to end their four-year marriage.

She ended up having her petition dismissed shortly after filing the complaint, suggesting they were trying to work things out, after previously spending much of the coronavirus lockdown living separately.

Earlier this week (begs21Sep20), Ray J appeared on U.S. talk show "The Real" and revealed he would now be open to couples therapy to salvage their romance, having previously rejected Princess' suggestion to seek the help of a relationship professional.

"I just felt it would get one-sided, but hey, maybe we do need counselling...," he said.

"I spent all weekend at the house with the kids, with Princess... it was just a good vibe, it really was. I just had to fall back and go, 'Damn, this is a really, really, really good thing.' I'd be up for whatever it is to make sure that my kids have strong foundation and both their parents in their lives 24/7."

However, it appears Ray J has failed to express those same sentiments to Princess herself - and she's made it clear she's had enough.

After learning of her ex's comments from a TMZ cameraman, she replied, "He didn't say that to me. I'm just hearing this. (I) think it's a little too late for a counsellor."

"I just want us both to be happy. I'm happy (single)," she added.

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