Nicolas Cage's Son Weston Seeks Restraining Order Against Mom for Alleged Psychological Abuse

Weston Cage Coppola accuses his mother Christina Fulton of causing 'distress for months' as well as trying to 'ruin [his] career' while he was in treatment for 'mental health problems.'

AceShowbiz - Nicolas Cage's son Weston Cage Coppola is not in a good relationship with his own mother Christina Fulton. The 29-year-old filed a petition for a restraining order against his mother in Chatsworth, California, on July 14 for alleged psychological abuse.

In the court docs, Weston detailed the last incident of alleged abuse that happened on July 10. He said, "Christina gave private information, photographs and texts of mine to cause emotional distress and ruin my career while I was in treatment. She prolonged my state of psychosis and gave me a phone she connected to a computer to stalk me through IMessage. She impersonated me."

The "Get Gone" star claimed from February 28 until now, "Christina Fulton took me out of my house with my wife, promising my wife she could take me. While having mental health problems and in the state of psychosis, Christina was using psychological abuse to restrict my access to go to treatment [and] to my family," by "withholding" his phone, wallet and identification.

Weston said her actions, which she did "in fear of losing her grasp on me," resulted in his "hospitalization 5150 for a worsened state." She allegedly has been "threatening and harassing, as well as disturbing the peace with gossip, lies and inaccurate information, and in May, she "wrongfully" called Child Protective Services [CPS] on his wife.

Weston sought out the protection of the court for himself, his wife Hila Cage Coppola and their twin daughters, Venice and Cyress. He requested that Christina must stay 100 yards away from his home, work and family members, in addition to abstaining from making any contact with them. He also asked the court to order Christina to return his personal identification, ID, passport, wallet, apartment keys and wedding ring.

A judge denied the petition for a temporary restraining order but he will get a chance to argue for his case in a hearing scheduled on August 6.

Weston is Nicolas' first child. He was the lead singer of the black metal band Eyes of Noctum, before it broke up in 2012. His new band Arsh Anubis was formed in 2011. Known for his role in 2011's "Drive Angry" and 2013's "Joe", Weston also appeared in his father's film "Lord of War". He was previously married to Danielle Cage and Nikki Williams.

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