50 Cent Mocks Will Smith, Meek Mill Praises Jada Pinkett After August Alsina Affair Confession

Also having fun laughing at the Smith family drama is Boosie Badazz, who salutes August for sleeping with the 'Gotham' alum while posting a meme of downcast-looking Will.

AceShowbiz - Celebrities have weighed in after Jada Pinkett Smith finally acknowledged her relationship with August Alsina on "Red Table Talk". In a new episode of her Facebook Watch series, the 48-year-old actress talked to her husband Will Smith about her "entanglement" with the much-younger singer when she and Will went through a difficult time and decided to separate.

Known for his unofficial title as the king of trolling, 50 Cent didn't even spare the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum" as he responded to Jada's confession. Sharing a photo of downcast-looking Will, he mocked the 51-year-old actor, "Got D**n Will look hit, SMH ... what the f**k do ya do when this s**t happens? LOL Nah it's not funny. S**T."

Boosie Badazz a.k.a. Lil Boosie took to his own Instagram page to share his two cents on the Smith family drama. Praising August for banging Jada, he wrote along with a meme which featured the same photo of Will, "A LOUISIANA N***A WILL F**K YO HOUSE HOLD UP. WE NOT GO SPARE YO B***H LOL. @augustalsina I SALUTE U N***A."

Admitting that he himself was a fan of Jada when he was a kid, the rapper claimed that he would've done the same as August did. The Baton Rouge star went on poking fun at Will's expression in the photo, "WHAT YALL THINK HE SAYIN N HIS HEAD WITH LOO? If we divorce I'm go air o a** out with dirty laundry r He ain't the only one u f**ked mf."

Also mocking Will, Trouble posted the same meme of Will and captioned it, "Will look like he wanted to cry worse than he did askin uncle phil why his daddy aint want him."

Meek Mill, on the other hand, was full of praise for Jada for coming clean about her relationship with August. He gushed on his Twitter page, "Jada being a woman and being real about her actions was refreshing to see a woman do in that type of situation!"

Lil Duval disagreed though, thinking that Jada's choice of word to describe her relationship with August means "women are FULL OF S**T." He added, "Not 'I just wanted it that d**k but 'I was going thru a lot at the time' foh this is y'all leader?"

On "Red Table Talk" Friday, July 10, Jada admitted, "I got into a different kind of entanglement [with August]," after he first came to their family and needed help with his mental health because he's "really, really sick."

On August's claim that Will gave his blessing, she tried to explain what really happened, "August was probably trying to communicate, because I could see how he would perceive it as permission as we were separated amicably. He also wanted to make it clear he's not a home wrecker. Which he's not."

Will was not satisfied with Jada's use of the word "entanglement" to describe what happened between her and the 27-year-old singer and after he pushed her to "say clearly what happened," she eventually confirmed that she was involved in a "relationship" with August.

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