Rolling Stones Debut Forgotten Song 'Criss Cross'

Mick Jagger and his bandmates have decided to include a song recorded in the early 1970s for the upcoming re-issue of their studio album 'Goats Head Soup'.

AceShowbiz - The Rolling Stones have served up a forgotten treat to keep fans entertained during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown - a track recorded almost 50 years ago.

The band has released "Criss Cross", which they wrote and recorded in the early 1970s while making the "Goats Head Soup" album, but never shared with their devotees.

The track will appear on a new re-issue of the album, alongside another unearthed song titled "Scarlet", featuring Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page.

"Criss Cross" follows the success of the band's lockdown anthem "Living in a Ghost Town", which was released in April (20).

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