Kanye West Shares Freestyles Based on His Run for President - Listen!

In one of the songs, which is titled 'This Is What Covid's Made', the rapper calls out Donald Trump by rapping, 'How about we stop hiding in the bunkers and be a real man?'

AceShowbiz - It looks like Kanye West is more than ready to run for president, to the point that he's created three presidential campaign freestyles. The rapper shared the songs with Forbes during his infamous interview, and now the publication has released it to the public for your listening pleasure.

In the first song, which is titled "This Is What Covid's Made", Kanye obviously put the focus on the pandemic and called out President Donald Trump at one point by rapping, "How about we stop hiding in the bunkers and be a real man?"

The second song, which is named "Thou Shalt No Kill", was partially inspired by the infamous O.J. Simpson case and found him spitting bars about his opposition to the death penalty. He also spitted out the lyrics of his Travis Scott (II) collaboration, "Wash Us in the Blood". He rapped, "Wash us in the blood/ Rain down on us/ Wash us in the blood of Jesus."

Meanwhile, in the final song "This Is Earth", Kanye conceptualized the negative connotation with the word "dirt" and rapped about how his religious transformation helped him find solace. At the end of the audio, the interviewer said that this last song could be his campaign song, to which he said that he actually has more in store.

Kanye announced his presidential bid on Fourth of July, writing on Twitter, "We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States!"

Not a few are against the idea, though there are also some who support his decision. Elon Musk used to be among those who supported Kanye, though it appears he is now re-considering his decision. After a follower let him know about Kanye's views on abortion, the Tesla founder said, "We may have more differences of opinion than I anticipated."

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