50 Cent Convinced Vivica A. Fox Is Still in Love With Him After She Blasts Him

Slamming her ex-boyfriend over his 'angry black women' comment, the 55-year-old actress says that he has 'f**kboy tendencies' and that he can't 'handle a black woman.'

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent's controversial comment about black women continues to be a hot topic among many people, and now Vivica A. Fox has given her two cents about the matter. However, given their history, it's safe to say that the 55-year-old actress doesn't have anything good to say about her ex-boyfriend.

During the latest episode of Fox Soul's "Cocktails with the Queens", Vivica clapped back at Fiddy for saying exotic women are better than "angry" black women. "He just has such f**kboy tendencies," she noted. "When I read that, I was like, 'Really? You would say that.' 'Cause you don't want anyone to challenge you. Or talk to you -- want somebody to sit there like a pretty little dog that you can just pay, right? Can't handle a black woman, can you?"

Not one to miss any mentions about himself, Fiddy didn't waste any time to give her his response in his very own fashion. Sharing on Instagram a video of her comments, the "In Da Club" rapper wrote in the caption, "Vivica still in love with me, i dated her for 4 months 17 years ago and she's still angry with me. I'm starting to feel like my [eggplant emoji] is serious. LOL."

Vivica is far from being the first person to address this matter publicly. Prior to this, Torrei Hart also posted a video explaining why his comment didn't sit well with her. Noting how she never bring down black men when she was dating someone outside of her race, the ex-wife of Kevin Hart said, "Just because you have a preference doesn't mean you have to down your lineage or where you come from. I'm so sick and tired of people tryin' to say that black women are angry. Black women are bitter. Ain't nothing bitter about me."

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