50 Cent 'Unapologetic' After Saying He Prefers 'Exotic' Women Than 'Angry' Black Women

Re-enacting what most black women say when they find out he's dating a non-black woman, the 'In Da Club' hitmaker says in his defense, 'That s**t is exotic!'

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent is no stranger to controversy over the things he said on the Internet. This time around, the "In Da Club" rapper was put in hot water after he talked about the appeal of "exotic" women over "angry" black women during a recent interview with fellow rapper Lil Wayne.

During the conversation, Fiddy jokingly re-enacted what most black women said when they found out that he was dating a non-black woman. In his defense, he said, "That s**t is exotic! This s**t looks a whole different from the s**t you see in the neighborhood." Wayne bursted into laughter after hearing what Fiddy said, before the latter added, "In some kind of way it's interesting to explore. But they get mad, they get angry. 'How did you end up with this motherf***er?' I'm like, 'Huh?' "

People, especially black women, were naturally not having it and went on to attack Fiddy. "50 cent saying that Black women get angry when he explores 'exotic' women is pretty f**king hilarious. These the n***s that we SHOULDNT be protecting ladies," one said. "Never trust a black man who finds beauty in every other race except his own, then drag the black woman at the same time," another commented.

"I really don't care who you date but stop bashing black women to lift up another race of women I just dont understand why its always the case not all black women are angry," someone else wrote, while there was an individual who expressed her disappointment, "I'm so sick and tired of black men coming after us, putting us down for what. Black women is always on the front line, having black men backs but all we get is disrespect."

Despite the backlash, Fiddy didn't regret what he said at all. He wrote in response, "What I said is true now picture me, unaffected, unapologetic and unavailable for any other comments."

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