Scott Eastwood Filming War Movie 'The Outpost' With Broken Ankle
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The 'Pacific Rim Uprising' actor reveals he was struggling to walk because of his injured ankle when he began the filming of his new movie directed by Rod Lurie.

AceShowbiz - Actor Scott Eastwood gave director Rod Lurie a filming headache at the start of production on "The Outpost" after a broken ankle left him unable to walk.

The "Pacific Rim Uprising" star hasn't revealed how he sustained the injury, but surgeons managed to fix the issue with a pair of screws.

However, as his recovery coincided with the start of the new Afghanistan war movie, Lurie had to rework his scheduling plans because Eastwood was basically crippled.

"(Lurie had a) tough as hell time trying to figure out how we were gonna design shots where for the first few weeks I couldn't walk," Clint Eastwood's son told The Associated Press of the "interesting" shoot.

The "Straw Dogs" filmmaker ended up delaying the action sequences to the latter part of production, and he's really impressed by how quickly Eastwood managed to bounce back.

"When you see Scott Eastwood in this movie, running and gunning, you gotta remember this dude has got a broken ankle and he's a bit of a stud. Just like his dad," Lurie quipped.

"The Outpost" chronicles the exploits of a unit of U.S. soldiers battling Taliban forces at the remote Combat Outpost Keating. The conflict, known as the Battle of Kamdesh, was the bloodiest of the Afghan War in 2009.

The movie is based on CNN journalist Jake Tapper's book, "The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor", and is set for release digitally at the end of July (20).

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