Lana Parrilla Obtains Restraining Order Against Harasser She Kept Off Using Shotgun

In her legal documents, the 'Once Upon a Time' actress claims she was forced to threaten Antoinette Hinckley using the weapon after the latter bizarrely accused her of murdering 13 children.

AceShowbiz - Lana Parrilla has protected herself in a wake of a head-on confrontation with her harasser. After she was forced to pull out a shotgun to safeguard herself following two incidents with another woman, the actress portraying Regina, the Evil Queen on "Once Upon a Time" filed a request for a restraining order.

The 42-year-old submitted the motion at the Los Angeles County Superior Court after a woman named Antoinette Hinckley showed up to her house twice in less than a week. In the documents obtained by TMZ, she detailed that their first bizarre encounter took place on June 9, while the second one happened on June 14.

Detailing the June 9 incident, Parrilla claimed that Hinckley was "walking barefoot" in front of her house. When she asked the 50-year-old if she was going for a walk, the latter responded by laughing before telling her, "I just wanted to look someone in the eyes." The woman then asked her, "How do you sleep at night?", before shouting, "f*** off!!", and walked away.

The second incident went more extreme than the first one. Parrilla recalled that Hinckley, whom she identified as a friend of a former male friend, rang her bell on June 14 morning. The latter then accused Parrilla of owing her $400,000, before alleging, "I have video of you murdering my 13 children last night."

After making a call to the police, Parrilla claimed she "grabbed a bat and an unloaded shotgun and went to the porch" to confront Hinckley. The woman, however, threatened to "jump over this fence and beat the s*** out" of her when Parrilla told her to "get the f*** off" her property and to seek mental treatment.

Hinckley reportedly walked away from Parrilla's property after Parrilla pointed her shotgun at her. Police later informed Hinckley that she would get arrested if she made another threat at Parrilla, who claimed that a homeless man came to her gate to look for her 45 minutes later. The incident, Parrilla claimed, led her to fear for her life.

Parrilla has since obtained the restraining order that prevents Hinckley from coming within 100 yards from the "Windfall" actress, her home and workplace.

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