John Turturro's Wife Recovering From 'Fairly Strong Case' of Covid-19

The 'Do the Right Thing' actor reveals he has become the 'dedicated shopper' of the family as his wife Katherine Borowitz fell ill with coronavirus during lockdown.

AceShowbiz - Actor John Turturro played nursemaid during the coronavirus lockdown after his wife fell ill with COVID-19.

The "O Brother, Where Art Thou" star reveals he became the "dedicated shopper" of the family after his wife, Katherine Borowitz, fell ill with a "fairly strong case" of the killer virus.

"Now she's recovered so I've had a much less version of it (shopping)," John said during a recent SAG Conversations interview. "It's been a lot of domestic things that I haven't done since I had a studio apartment by myself."

"One of my sons is home from college and my other son is in Los Angeles, so it's been the three of us. I've had to hold the fort down in the house which has been good and interesting."

Turturro has also been driving into central New York for dental appointments and visiting his late mother's grave in Greenwood Cemetery.

The actor is now hopeful that the lockdown and the Black Lives Matter protests will make America a better place to live going forward.

"With all the protests and helicopters hovering over, it's been a challenging, unsettling and hopefully a changing time for the better," he added.

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