Amanda Stanton Claps Back at Hater Accusing Her of Using Daughters for Clout in Protest Pic

Seemingly thinking that Amanda isn't really genuine with her intention of bringing her kids to a protest, the troll comments underneath her Instagram post, 'Shame on you!!'

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" alum Amanda Stanton brought her daughters, Kinsley and Charlie, to actively take part in a protest for human rights in the wake of George Floyd's death. While it was something to be praised for, someone wasn't necessarily impressed and accused the TV star of doing it for "fame."

In a picture she shared on her Instagram account on Wednesday, June 3, Amanda could be seen holding a sign with "Black Lives Matter" written on it. Meanwhile, her 8-year-old daughter Kinsley was next to her holding a similar sign. Amanda simply captioned the post, "#blm."

Seemingly thinking that Amanda wasn't really genuine with her intention of bringing her kids to a protest, the naysayer commented under the post, "I can't believe you put your girls in an uncompromising situation and instill fear in their hearts just for shame. Shame on you!!"

In response to the criticism, Amanda wrote back, "She was not scared and it was very peaceful. She was proud to make her sign and be there and I'm happy she got to experience the emotion and passion in everyone there."

She further addressed the matter in an Instagram Story post. "I understand not everyone is comfortable protesting or bringing kids and I totally understand that! I went back and forth on it and it was a decision I made so they could learn from an early age to use their voice and exercise their rights to stand up for something that's so important," so she explained.

Noting that the protest was "peaceful and powerful," Amanda went on saying, "No books or words can ever teach them the passion and emotion behind what they experienced today. I hope it encourages them to be braver than I was growing up when it comes to using their voice and taking action."

Aside from the trolling, Amanda earned praises for her decision. "This just made me cry LOVE THIS," a follower raved, while someone else called her "a good Mama." Another comment read, "Best mom for educating you children and creating these kind of life experiences! So happy you have been loud about your support these past couple of days!"

One other fan added, "I'm so happy you used your platform and following to support this cause! And for exposing your children as well! You're a fabulous mother, and a wonderful citizen. Thank you."

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