Ari Lennox Blasts TV Host Maury Povich for Mocking Black Man and His Son's Nose

The 'Shea Butter Baby' singer herself is often told to get her nose done, though she insists that she will never go under the knife to get a nose job because she loves her nose so much.

AceShowbiz - Ari Lennox is exposing Maury Povich. The singer slammed the host of "The Maury Show" for apparently poking fun at a black man who asked his opinions on whether or not he needed to take DNA test for paternity while attaching a selfie of himself and his son.

"No DNA test needed in this case right?" so the man wrote to Maury, whose show offers guests the opportunity to take DNA tests for paternity and lie-detector tests for alleged cheaters. The TV personality replied, "He nose he's the father," making a pun of the word "nose" instead of "knows."

Ari caught win of the comment and didn't hesitate to slam the TV host. "And f**k you Maury," she wrote. Fans quickly chimed in the matter, agreeing with the "Shea Butter Baby" singer. "Exposed! I mean, he did spend the majority of his life ruining black families. At some point we had to see it already," one of them tweeted.

One other appeared to defend Maury, writing, "That has nothing to do with race. White people get mocked all the time for having thin lips, would that be racist too? It's just a joke." Many others quickly shut down the argument, with one user saying, "Yeah, you're getting a little too comfortable for my taste." Meanwhile, someone else noted that "this ain't even funny."

Ari herself was often told to get her nose done, though she insisted that she would never go under the knife because she loves her nose so much. Taking to Twitter to address the criticism, Ari said back in December 2019, "How many times will y'all come for my black nose? It will never tf go anywhere. Y'all are disgusting and the reason people self medicate and get surgery. Just f***ing stop."

Of why she decided to talk about the issue, the Washington D.C. native wrote, "I just feel this is a conversation that needs to be had. There are black babies that have insecurities cause culture says it's funny to insult black features."

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