Jim Sturgess Deals With 'Mixed Bag of Emotions' After Coronavirus Left Him Stranded in Canada

During a SAG Foundation Conversations interview, the 'Home After Dark' actor reveals that he didn't have time to catch a flight back to London before officials locked down the country.

AceShowbiz - British actor Jim Sturgess was forced to self-isolate in Canada after coronavirus fears shut down his Apple TV drama.

The "Across the Universe" star didn't have time to get a flight back to London before Canadian officials locked down the country and Jim has mixed emotions about being so far from home.

"We were just about to start the fourth episode of season two of Home After Dark and the whole production shut down," Sturgess said during a recent SAG Foundation Conversations interview. "I remember we were in the middle of a scene with Brooklynn Prince, who plays my younger daughter on the show, and somebody came on the set and told everybody that we had to go home."

"We had two weeks to figure out what was going to happen next and I've been here ever since. It's on the cards that I could possibly become a Canadian resident after this!"

"It's quite weird being away from home without the home comforts that you gravitate towards. But it feels interesting being in a whole other country and having a whole different life out here. It's a mixed bag of emotions."

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