Tia Mowry Faces Backlash Over Coronavirus Comment

Taking to Twitter, the former Disney star says, 'During this pandemic, you really see who your real friends are,' urging others not to neglect their friendship.

AceShowbiz - It's not unusual for celebrities to speak out about Coronavirus during this pandemic, using their platforms to urge others to do the protocol and stay safe. However, what Tia Mowry said on her Twitter account has rubbed many people in the wrong way and it prompted her to be on the receiving end of online attacks.

It all started after Tia stated on the bluebird app that people could not neglect their friendship just because of Coronavirus. "During this pandemic, you really see who your real friends are," she said. "Who's checking up on you? Making sure you are okay? Remember that when all of this is over?"

People were quick to argue with the star shortly after she posted the tweet, with some of them telling her to delete the post. "Like Tia, we’re in a damn pandemic. We're not responsible for others during this time. So many of us are without steady (or any) income and our bills still due. People are getting sick and we don’t know how to prevent the spread. Get over yourself," someone said in the reply section.

"everyone is stressed, Tia. Your real friends are also stressed, this is not a time to keep scores, everyone is going through it. Remember that," another reminded her. "during this pandemic, you really see who you are by complaining that others who may be stressed the hell out aren't putting however they cope to the side to make sure you're good," one other commented.

There was also an individual who called her "selfish," adding, "We're all suffering thru this so it’s nobody's responsibility to check up on anybody. If they do that's good. But if you're offended that they don't KNOWING they aren't a mean person just shows you rely too much on ppl. No disrespect just my opinion."

Tia has yet to respond to the backlash, though she has since deleted the tweet.

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