Listen to These Epic Coronavirus Songs to Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

While some of the musicians create a brand new song to keep people entertained as well as spread awareness, some others decide to change the lyrics of their songs.

AceShowbiz - People all around the world are currently quarantining as the Coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of thousands. However, that doesn't mean we can stop doing something productive during these challenging times. For instance, a bunch of musicians have been putting their creativity to use to make songs about the deadly virus.

While some of them create a brand new song to keep people entertained as well as spread awareness, some others decide to change the lyrics of their songs. More interestingly, one of these songs manages to do well in music charts even though it is merely a remix of the star's rant about Coronavirus.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the songs below.

1. Chris Mann's 'My Corona'

Chris Mann's 'My Corona'

Former "The Voice" contestant Chris Mann has enough time in his hands to bring people laughter through his hilarious song parodies, including covers of Adele's "Hello" and Madonna's "Stay Home Vague". However, his parody of The Knack's "My Sharona" has exceptionally been enjoyed by a lot of people as it brought it more than 19 million views on YouTube.

Titled "My Corona", the song finds him singing about all the struggles that people need to get through amid the pandemic. In one point of the song, Chris can be heard singing, "S**t, I touched my face/ Wait, I think I finally caught my Corona/ Stop it, don't be manic, go inside, no organic!/ Oh no, all GMO, Jesus Christ, now I panic."

2. Madonna's 'Vogue'

Madonna's 'Vogue'

For those who are disappointed not being able to see Madonna performing on stage during her "Madame X Tour" due to Coronavirus concern, the singer has given a small taste of the intimacy the tour provided through an Instagram video. Encouraging people to be creative even during lockdown, Madonna puts an odd twist to her hit "Vogue" as she has a mini concert in her bathroom.

Instead of the original lyrics, the Queen of Pop seemingly sang about the issues people have to deal with when they run out of groceries amid quarantine. Using a hairbrush as a replacement for a mic, she rhymed, "Come on, go, let's go eat some fried fish... come on, vogue, I mean go... cause there's no more pasta, oh no, we're gonna eat some fried fish, yeah!"

3. Jackson Browne's 'A Little Soon to Say'

Jackson Browne's 'A Little Soon to Say'

Jackson Browne is one of the many examples that you must not give up even though you have been contracted with Coronavirus. Rather than being discouraged, the singer decided to release a song entitled "A Little Soon to Say" to uplift everyone's spirit amid these trying times.

In an interview, Jackson admitted that he initially wrote the song after being inspired by the likes of parkland students, but then realized that the lyrics of the song ring true to the crisis. "(I was) thinking about the generation - the Parkland students, and Greta Thunberg, and the young people who have been very vocal, saying, 'You're not making any real attempt to change things in a way for us to have the planet you had'. How do you pass this mess on to the next generation, the future generations?" he explained.

4. Cardi B's Coronavirus Rant

Cardi B's Coronavirus Rant

Inspiration can come anytime and in any kind of form. For instance, no one would have thought that Cardi B's viral rant about the Coronavirus could have been turned into a great song that could be enjoyed by a lot of people during this trying time. iMarkkeyz was the one behind the great creation.

His remix, which contained Cardi screaming, "Coronavirus! It's getting real" over an upbeat melody, reached the top ten on iTunes single chart. Meanwhile, in the hip-hop category, it peaked at No. 4. Proceeds from the single, according to both Cardi and iMarkkeyz, are donated to workers who are hurting financially due to the virus.

5.'s 'Sing 4 Life''s 'Sing 4 Life'

People in Italy did all kinds of things that attracted the world's attention during the lockdown. From playing tennis through the windows and holding a party from their balconies, many of them found a way to have fun without leaving their homes. At one time, they also joined their voices in a song through open windows, and that inspired Bono to create a song.

Not stopping there, he also enlisted the help of, Jennifer Hudson and X Japan's Yoshiki. Bono opens the song by rhyming, "Yes I walk through the streets of Dublin/And no one was near," before passing the baton to the rapper who sings, "Yes I walk through the streets of London/seems like everyone's disappeared."

6. JoJo's 'Chill (Stay In)'

JoJo's 'Chill (Stay In)'

For those who are used to spending their days outside, being forced to stay inside during the Coronavirus pandemic can be challenging. But worries not, JoJo has the perfect song to keep you home instead of going outside. The singer has flipped her "Leave (Get Out)" into a Coronavirus-themed song titled "Chill (Stay In)".

Performing a capella in her dining room, she pounds a beat on her dining table while singing, "Stay in!/ Right now!/ Do it for humanity! So you're gon' learn how/ To cook now/ And practice good hygiene/ I know you’re bored and want to f**k around, but not on me."

7. Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline'

Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline'

The Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be so bad that Neil Diamond decided to come out of his retirement to spread awareness through his music. The singer-songwriter shared a new version of his hit "Sweet Caroline" in an effort to encourage fans to adopt a more healthy lifestyle to combat the deadly virus.

In the video posted on his Instagram account, Neil performed in front of a roaring fire, "Hands, washing hands, reaching out, don't touch me, I won't touch you." Not stopping there, he shared a message to his online devotees, "I know we're going through a rough time right now, but I love you, and I think maybe if we sing together well, we might feel a little bit better."

8. Sam Smith's 'What the World Need Now Is Love'

Sam Smith's 'What the World Need Now Is Love'

During these sensitive times, a number of musicians are using their platforms to brighten the lives of many by holding at-home concerts. Among these stars is Sam Smith, who has been posting some videos of covers while in quarantine. Interestingly enough, the lyrics of one of the songs he covered seemed to ring true to the crisis.

Sam, who recently announced that he'd delay the release of his album as well as change its title, shared a video of him singing Jackie DeShannon's "What the World Needs Now Is Love". He delivered his beautiful vocals, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love/ No not just for some but for everyone/ Lord, we don't need another mountain/ There are mountains and hillsides enough to climb/ There are oceans and rivers enough to cross/ Enough to last till the end of time."

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