Billie Eilish Is Canceled for Liking Meme Suggesting Louis Tomlinson Is Ugly

The meme, which consists of two photos from One Direction's 'You and I' music video, appears to claim that Zayn Malik is better looking than his former bandmate.

AceShowbiz - Billie Eilish might need to think twice before doing something on social media. The hashtag "Billie Eilish Is Over Party" has been trending on Twitter after the Grammy-winning songstress was caught liking a meme that suggested Louis Tomlinson is ugly.

The post contained two photos that were taken from One Direction's "You and I" music video. The first photo showed Zayn Malik walking towards the camera, while his former bandmate was featured in the second snap. The caption of the meme read, "When you move and the snapchat filter comes off," seemingly suggesting that Zayn is better looking than Louis.

Billie apparently found the post funny and left a like underneath it, but her move was soon noticed by Louis fans and quickly drew backlash. "No offense baby, but would you keep eating your spiders away from Louis?" one directly mentioned Billie, while another said, "Louis Tomlinson: Writes a song about walls which means a metafor about his fences he has built. Billie Eillish: i'm a bad guuuyyy. Duh. Louis is a singer for almost 10 years and a songwriter who are you?"

Someone else told Billie, "What fuck do you like a post humiliating @Louis_Tomlinson? Who do you think you are? How many years have you been in the music market? Learn to respect your elders, little girl!" There was also an individual who said, "This kid @billieeilish Talk S**t about Our Angel @Louis_Tomlinson ,she's out of her S**T MIND."

Billie has yet to respond to the backlash, though some people have come to her defense and hit back at her critics. For instance, one wrote, "As a fan of both Billie and Louis I have to say y'all are being DRAMATIC for literally no reason. She LIKED A MEME. Y'all must be bored asf in quarantined or sumn cause.."

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