Kevin Bacon Initiates Six Degrees Campaign to Encourage Social Distancing Amid Coronavirus

Encouraging fans and followers to heed government guidelines to help end the spread of COVID-19, the 'Footloose' star shares that he is self-isolating for his wife Kyra Sedgwick.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Bacon is encouraging fans and followers to heed government guidelines about "social distancing" by launching a Six Degrees campaign to help end the spread of the coronavirus.

The star took to Instagram on Wednesday (March 18) and asked followers to help him with the initiative, inspired by the parlour game based on the six degrees of separation concept, which suggests any two individuals are never more than six or fewer acquaintances apart.

The game took on a celebrity theme several years ago, due to Bacon's prolific career as a supporting actor and leading man, and became known as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

"I'm technically only six degrees away from you," the "Footloose" star said as he launched the initiative. "Right now, like people around the world, I'm staying home, because it saves lives and it is the only way we're going to slow down the spread of this coronavirus."

"Because the contact that you make with someone, who makes contact with someone else, that may be what makes somebody's mom or grandpa or wife sick."

Bacon added that everyone has someone worth staying at home for, noting he is self-isolating for his wife Kyra Sedgwick.

"While you're staying home, you need to post a video or a sign like this one saying who you're going to stay home for and you tag six friends so they do the same," he added. "And since we're all connected by various degrees, trust me, I know, we can work together to stay home and keep each other safe and spread the word."

Bacon has joined a long list of stars who are using their celebrity to spread the word about guidelines and keep fans and followers safe - Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande have also taken to social media to urge fans to stay at home during the ongoing health crisis.

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