Shannen Doherty Wins $2,500 in Insurance Battle with State Farm

The home insurance company is proved guilty of violating a protective order in their battle as the company reveals it'll 'respect and understand' the decision.

AceShowbiz - Shannen Doherty has been awarded $2,500 after a judge found home insurance company State Farm guilty of violating a protective order in their ongoing court battle with the actress.

The former "Charmed" star's house was among the properties damaged in the Woolsey Fire, which ripped through parts of Southern California in 2018, and she has been fighting agents at State Farm to cover the cost of a remodel ever since.

However, State Farm bosses claim that as her house didn't suffer any fire or structural damage, and that the compensation she has already received, said to be more than $1 million, should have been enough of a settlement to cover remediation, professional cleaning, and rent for a temporary home for a year.

The "BH90210" actress' fight against the company got a bit of a boost on Thursday, March 05, however, as the court found that State Farm was guilty of submitting information to them about Doherty, including details from her medical records, photographs of her home and listing her home address over 90 times, that wasn't properly redacted.

While Doherty had sought more than $10,000 in accusing the organisation of violating the protective order, she was awarded $2,500 after her motion was granted in part - when the court decided that filing the information about her house without redaction contained more information about her house location than had previously been made public.

Following the ruling, State Farm told Fox News in a statement: "We respect and understand the court's decision on the motion."

Doherty's case against the insurance company now continues.

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