Kylie Jenner Explains Her 'Weird' Toe After Being Made Fun

The explanation arrives after Internet is sent into frenzy because her latest Instagram picture, which also features sister Kendall Jenner, sees one of her toes going 'out of place.'

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner has had enough of people mocking her toe after fans noticed that something was off in a recent post on her Instagram account. In the said photo, which also featured sister Kendall Jenner, one of Kylie's toes appeared shorter than others, prompting everything to comment and joke about it. Setting the records straight, Kylie explained what actually happened in Instagram Stories videos.

In one of the videos, the Kylie Cosmetics founder said, "Everyone wants to come for my f***ing toes. By the way, I have cute a** feet, and I broke this middle toe in middle school, and there's nothing you can do about a broken toe, so it just had to heal how it wanted to heal."

The 22-year-old TV star later showed that while her toe was healed, it didn't go back normal. "So when I flex this up.... This is a weird a** video.. So when I this [left foot] up they're all normal and like in place," Kylie went on to explain. "And when I flex this [right foot] up this little guy is like out of place."

The explanation arrives after Internet was sent into frenzy because of the "out of place" toe. "Lord please don't ever let me be this bothered, to the point I'm explaining myself to strangers," a fan commented on Kylie's explanation video, while some others urged everyone to "leave this girl and her short toe alone."

Seeing how bothered Kylie was over the comments on her toe, one fan quipped, "She's the most insecure billionaire in the world." On the other hand, someone didn't think this was never a serious matter that it needs to be explained. "But what is that even that serious for an explanation," the person wrote.

Meanwhile, some people predicted that Kylie would soon get her toe fixed. "next.. she gone get surgery on her toes," one said. Another fan sarcastically asked, "They don't have toe surgery at the plastic surgeon office? Asking for Kylie."

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